Technical Details

Contemporary clear cut design...

uni_one Zero is the expression of architectural minimalism, but without sacrificing excellent levels of thermal insulation. On the outside, the aluminium frame completely hides the outline of the sash, allowing the bright transparency of the glass to become the only true protagonist of this window.uni_one Zero finds its ideal home in contexts of modern and clean-cut design.

  • Material
  • Wing Section
    89 x 70 mm
  • Frame Section
    77,5 x 91 mm
  • Triple Glazing Thickness
  • Security Hardware
  • Acoustic Insulation
    up to 43rw (dB)
  • Thermal Insulation
    Uw= 0,8W/m2K
  • Thermal Insulation For Soft Wood
    Uf= 1,2W/m2K
  • Thermal Insulation For Hardwood
    Uf= 1,4W/m2K

  • Tilt and Turn Window
  • Double Sash Window
  • Horizontal Pivot Hinge
  • Parallel Sliding Window
  • Lift and Slide Window

System Properties

Uni_One wood / aluminum window systems offer some outstanding features specialized from its competitors. These features provide to mainmtain windows for many years and your system maintenance / settings without requiring you to use while provide both aesthetic appearance.

1. Welded External Aluminium Cladding

External aluminium cladding avoids the need for maintenance and optimizes water tightness and airtightness, giving the designer the option of solutions with new forms and colours.

The external section is in aluminum. The aluminum frames are produced with the technology of welding the corners to guarantee maximum strength and quality. Painting is performed after welding, and ensures corners with perfect sealing, completely protected by the paint and featuring improved appearance of the finished product. The painting cycle is performed according to the European quality standards Qualicoat.

Kaynaklı Köşe

2. Structural silicone between the glass and wood (Bonding)

Structural silicone used at all Uni_One systems enables the wood and glass to act as a whole structure and in particular gives superior properties to window on the water and sound insulation. The structural capacity of the glass panels also eliminates the sagging problems of the sashes.

3. Joining wood and aluminium with plastic clips

The aluminium frames are joined to the wood by means of screw-fit plastic clips. The clips snap onto the aluminium profile, and can subsequently be rotated by means of a special key for disassembling the frames. With the help of this joining system, wood and aluminium –having different expansion values- are separated from each other physically.

Plastic clipses are the worldwide solution of these problems and allow the expansion of the aluminium and wood independently. It also provides ventilation of the surface of the wood by holding the aluminium 5mm above that surface and eliminates the potential condensation problems. This condensation that may arise between two surfaces generally results in decay and mold of wood and precautions should be definitely taken against these problems.

Plastik Klips

4. Corner Joints

The laminated wood profiles are joined at 45° by means of plugs and dovetail elements. When joining the wings, a patented accessory in ABS in various finishes to make the corner watertight, rounds out the external edge to ensure accident protection and enhances the finish of the frame to blend in with the selected handle.

Wood Types

It is possible to choose two different wood types for the Uni_One system. LAMINATED PINE and TECHNO OAK.

1. Laminated Wooden Profiles

Conifer wood is particularly suitable for the construction of door and window frames, with a high thermal insulation coefficient and good mechanical strength. The knot-free wood layers are converted into 3-layer finger-joint laminated wood, making it perfectly stable. To finish this wood and render it suitable for contemporary furnishing applications, it is wrapped with a special feel finish. Feel is a finish made from the purest hardwood cellulose, impregnated and treated with special lacquers, synchronized pore coated and completely formaldehyde-free.The Feel finish offers outstanding resistance to abrasion, scratches and its colour is lightfast. It can be cleaned with all ordinary detergents; waxes and oily products should not be used.

Lamine Çam
  1. Finish in the purest hardwood cellulose, impregnated and treated with special lacquers
  2. Fabric substrate
  3. Polyurethane glue
  4. 3-layer laminated pine wood profile

2. Techno Oak

The oak profiles are processed with an innovative joining system, which creates a laminated beam effect thanks to the joining of several layers on the same profile, to give the profiles optimal stability. This type of laminated wood is very stable, and is particularly stable for large openings, thanks to the elimination of the natural tensions in wood in this type of process. In furnishing, this type of laminated wood joining is much appreciated and used in kitchen surfaces, tables, steps and flooring.

“Aged oak” can also be preferred according to your designs. The ageing treatment, to enhance the beauty of the wood grain, is applied on profiles to give the door or window an aged look. The ageing process is performed using special abrasive brushes which remove the softer part of the wood between the hard grains of oak, thus enhancing the depth of the wood. The varnishing treatment is then performed with a special varnish with wax finish to make the wood surface similar to antique furniture.

Lamine Meşe Kesit

Laminated Pine

Feel Finish

Feel is a finish made from the purest hardwood cellulose, impregnated and treated with special lacquers, synchronized pore coated and completely formaldehyde-free.

Wood Veneer

Laminated pine can be supplied as a finished product coated with natural wood veneer or can be painted.

Techno Oak

Laminated wood oak profiles can be painted any color you prefer.

Aluminium / Bronze Colors

Aluminium finishes can be painted in all RAL colors as well as different options.p>



Wood Patterns

Metal Patterns




Bronze Exterior

It is possible to obtain different colors for bronze surfaces by an aging process in the acid pools.

The special bronze alloy used for profiles does not require any type of surface protection or maintenance. The natural film that forms on the surface represents the best and most lasting protection shield, guaranteeing unlimited lifetime. The copper and burnished bronze effect finishes are obtained by means of a chemical surface reaction on the profiles/frames in special brass alloy, known as architectural bronze.