Questions and Misconceptions

The most frequently asked questions on topics such as the use of wood at exterior, the door-window systems, installation etc... For any further questions, you can contact us.

The laminated profiles which are used in wooden window production are made from timber which carefully selected and then dried in computer supported kilns and thereby the humidity content is dropped below 12%. These timbers are cleaned from their knobs and joined again by finger-jointing method and brought into semi-finished state by special lamination glues and press after being laminated in three layers.

In finger-jointing system, layers of wood free from defects, are threatened by special knives to open tooth-like openings (with the aim to increase the bonding surface) are again combined.

Yes, wooden windows require maintenance. This maintanence period varies according to the climatic conditions but genereally it is between 4 and 8 years. This operation takes generally one day and Aduro can supply the service if you ask (only for our own products).

They are not completely fire-resistant, but they don‘t remove toxic gases during a fire and continues to maintain its integrity even after the fire.

Yes. Moreover, some hardwares such as sliding doors are operated even more smoothly on wooden windows.

In fact, such problems lead the sector to use laminated wood. Since wood is a material that continues to live even after cutting, some problems such as rotation could be experinced. With the lamination technique, these problems can be avoided besides making the life of your window, longer than any other materials.

Yes. The origin of wood and insulation problems are sagging problems from time to time in the wings. While avoiding the use of laminated wood, wood working, use the right accessories and glass assembly techniques have also eliminates the sagging problem.

The standart glass combination used is 4mm + 16mm + 4mm. However, other special type of glasses like a variety of heat-insulating glass, sound insulating glass can also be used without any problems.

We use water-based wood stains and these are certificated products that are harmless to health and nature.

No. Wooden windows can be coated to any color you want.