Aluminium is a material highly resistant to exterior conditions. It shows better features against corrosion than many other metals.

Bronze is an extremely durable material to the exterior conditions. With the help of the oxidation, the exterior of the material changes colour and it gives the material “a living metal” affect. This aging effect in window systems is provided at an accelerated way by exposing the frames to special solutions in acid pools and it is possible to achieve different effects using different solutions.

No Need to Maintenance

The tough structure of aluminium allows to preserve its durability for many years without the need for maintenance.

Bronze also does not require any maintenance and will remain intact for so many years.

Long Lasting

With the help of different paints on the exterior, aluminium stays intact such as 30-40 years. Regarding the economic life of the buildings, it widens the field of the use of aluminium.

Bronze has naturally a long lifetime even without requiring any paint or coating.