Wood has been most commonly used in constructions for centuries. Doors and windows are the places where wood is used most frequently. Wood is natural. As a construction material, wood is one of the exceptional materials that can be used up to its tiniest sizes.

Thermal Insulation

It is superior to artificially produced materials in the manner of temperature insulation. It is used as a massive body and it does not require any details such as thermal bridge in order to increase its insulation value.

Acoustic Insulation

The wooden structure of the windows has no hollow sections as is the case of metal frames; this feature is highly important in the improvement of sound proofing.


It has a long life period. Wooden structures standing for centuries are the most beautiful and clear evidence for this. It is possible and easy to repair. It does not emit poisonous gasses when it burns and it continues to stay stable even after having burned.


Wood makes the environment „warmer“ where it is used. The doors and windows that we see in our environment, even if they are not made of wood, claiming that they are very similar to wood. But the naturalness and warmth of wood you really feel only wood; not for counterfeiting.


It is aesthetical. Wood represents “warmth” in the places where it is used. The doors and windows which we see in buildings that are not out of wood, intend to imitate wood but you feel the real wood, not the imitations

Wooden windows merge with its unique wooden furniture in the apartment. The numerous surface coverings can cover their entire aesthetic needs. Upon request by a method that is applied to the coating surface, the wood structure are produced supported and you can make by "antiquated" appearance to the wood a warmer and welcoming atmosphere.


It is healthy. Natural wood breathes. It is not exposed to materials which threatens human health at any stage of its production process. During the painting processes, the wood is threatened only by water-based products.

The use of wood prevents the deterioration of air quality, the pollution of inner spaces, the formation of electromagnetic areas, the release of harmful emissions and increases biothermale breathability.

Environmentally friendly

Actually, wood is a part of nature with their growth beginning and they use nothing more than water and solar energy.


Wooden windows are often compared with PVC windows on price. But considering only the initial cost is misleading. The lifetime of these raw materials has significant differences. Wood can be repaired, thus wood is superior to many other artificial material in the manner of lifetime period. Wooden structures are structures have survived the longest throughout history.


The trees are cut as raw material, is a point at which the use of wood is most criticized. Actually this is a misunderstanding, because a large part of the wood material whose trade is made in the world, are forest products. Here only trees are cut, which have reached a certain age and there are implanted new sprouts. Since the oxygen formation of these young trees are much higher, this is a benefit for the environment. This is a process whose sustainability is always kept under control and State-supported. One can, of course, this does not say for tree species that are in danger. But it is also the wrong throughs in some places can not be denied.

The energy that is required in the production of laminated wood, is 300 kWh / t, and this energy is amount for the preparation of other materials is very low (for the production of aluminum needed to 72500 kWh / t of energy, for steel, however, are 3500 kWh / t energy needed).