A new perspevtive to aesthetic... quality... durability...

Aduro brings a new perspective the window and door systems. Aduro blends the experience of the traditional with modern techniques. The result is a special touch to the place you live... Durable, quality, aesthetic touch...

The Company

Aduro Wood has been active since 1998 as an extension of the company titled Yeni Güney Construction Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. and it currently maintains its activities in a modern plant with the trademark of “Aduro” since 2007.

Aduro Wood products are produced in its production facilities in Ankara with an innovational understanding. Aduro Wood, which is very critical in selecting raw materials and accessories, carries out qualified production and problem-free assembly and has the claim to be the leader in its sector. Aduro Wood uses its knowledge and experience from the construction sector with a caring mentality and seeks to reflect the same perspective to the wood sector as well. Aduro Wood has adopted its mission to increase the life quality of the customers without compromising from health and respect to nature.

Aduro Wood, which has started to production by laminated wooden windows has increased the product diversification with its activities since 2011 and has already increased its product range by adding all of the alternatives in connection with the use of wood in all facade systems containing various products from wood-aluminum window systems to shutter systems, wooden curtain wall systems and winter garden alternatives.


Aduro aims products that are durable and of high quality, using the latest possibilities of today's technology. Reflecting the natural texture and warmth of wood blended with the aesthetic value for both laminated wood and the wood-aluminum window and door systems as well as building material facade systems is the main objective.

Aduro intends to improve the life quality of its customers without compromising healthiness and respect for nature.

From design to production, delivery of the product to site to every stage of assembly, our company determines the understanding of modern production facilities that benefit from the technology as a core mission with the aim of aesthetics, quality and durability.

Aduro evaluates all products as an architectural element by taking the entire design and production process into consideration and aims to add architectural value to any building using our products.